Hello world!

Good grief!  I sometimes manage to always do things in a haphazard manner.  For instance, it is here I was supposed to have started off my blog to the world, but instead I just went and did my own thing! Therefore if you are reading this after you’ve read the initial greetings elsewhere, spare a patient moment for this brain of mine that is showing signs of too much living.

It has been a morning of some sorts – but since here is meant to be welcoming page, I will not floor you with the mechanism of my body that appears to be in cahorts with the state of my house to fall apart.  Seeing I’ve just got into the office and have a full schedule ahead to apply finishing touches to our frist international conference, I shall pause here to a time when I get a coffee break to let you in on what’s caused me some intrigue in the last 12hrs – minus the dream world of course.

I will say one thing though that caught my eye in todays’ news – what a load of bull!  Fancy being told in one breath that a pet owner in some part in Wales has unleashed his African royal python in to the wild – well I guess, the novelty of owning such an intriguing species wore off – either that or he has a penchant for shipping in exotic “pets” to see how they fare with the population on this island.  Then we are told not to be concerned about the snake’s freedom bid as after all, it is not poisonous.

I don’t claim to be an expert on snakes but I do recall that pythons back in Uganda as a child had a taste for all things small like goats, chickens, rabbits and yeah – even little kids who happened to be out wandering in search of firewood or fruits… Poison was not a preliquiste for becoming a tasty dish for the python nor for the one being squeezed to death.

So the reasoning that this free-python was not poisonous didn’t somehow give me much reassurance – but who knows, perhaps when it has been out there for sometime in the “wild” and cottoned on it has to eat to survive, it might develop limbs and speech in order to get its message across to the public…makes you wonder what other “pets” are out there in the wilderness of these isles…