Mind the miniskirt – we are Uganda!

Pictures of scantily clad women in night clubs often get flashed on social network forums by individuals I suspect to be “marketing” venues or scheduled entertainment for all sorts. In a country like Uganda which has no coastline, it is not surprising to find advertising for bikini-themed events as the latest in-thing. Uganda is like a sponge of some sorts.

Everything is copied in excess, sadly not necessarily all positive. When you hear of strip-clubs these ends (developed/western world) that are most often licensed, in Uganda they don’t bother with licence, they will go all out with live adult entertainment that will leave very little to the imagination of what karmasutra did for Indians.

It is very little wonder therefore that you will find the dress-code of a lap-dancer or Beyonce’s/Lil Kim’s raunchy stage attire being confused for walking about in and around the streets of Kampala etc. ‘Adult social working’ has many faces – and this does not pass by those that find the source of earning to be fruitful from this venture either. They will use whatever means necessary to compete for punters and the little miniskirt is often window dressing code that has been borrowed and abused. Thing is though, with most things these days being fake, fast and preferably portable in a microscopic manner – so has the miniskirt become; give or take without anything else to cover the next layer of secrecy of the “female form” – not wearing knickers.  I think celebrities gave this a platform launch – who can forget Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct, or Britney Spears just before her meltdown?

You see, I can be clean and avoid using words that will get pastors or “people of god” to not form at the mouth at my vulgarity. Though why such organs of the human body offend some just by mere mention is a debate not worth embarking on.

My contention with the miniskirt is not so much about the motives of those who opt to dress in it, but with the whole parliament of Uganda (a very large one at that of 301 ministers if I’m to be corrected making it the 3rd largest in the world) utilising tax payers time and money to discuss a ban of it.   This is in a government that has failed to look at its existing legislature on licensing for adult entertainment as well as consumption and sell of alcohol.  Instead religious dictae is to be forced under the guise of moral enforcement where it has failed even to enact personal responsibility and accountability to fight corrupt practices that is killing off all institutions? Puleeeze!  Why not ban cars too for being a dangerous hazard to road users especially if the persons behind the wheels are airheads full of ego only open to be laid astray by a piece of meat dressed in a skimpy attire?


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