Constant transit

In dream-aspiration I try my level best to spend a fair bit of my time focusing on positive strategies for an uncertain future. This is mostly because the other way of looking at the future would be as a big flashing ‘here be dragons’ sign.  And that could prove daunting on many levels.

Like most persons out there, we know what’s happening out there in the big wide world. Or at least we think we do even if it is in relation to our given exposures and curiosity.  I know that there are gigantic problems, some global, some not so but that whoever is at the receiving end of their wake feels similar emotions and hardships.  I am aware that the society I reside in and climate is changing,  – we’ve just experienced the very first snow out of season and the fuel bills will definitely reflect this!

I also I’m increasingly aware that my grandchildren’s world will definitely not look like this one – if anything, my great-grandchildren may not even look aesthetically or even genetically like me or my parents thanks to plastic surgery and nanotechnology.  Everything changes in this universe. We are in constant transit.

It’s scary stuff. And yes, it does sometime keep me awake some but not most nights. But then it’s morning again. The birds, bless them, still manage the morning chorus

My message to you? Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can.

I wish you enough.


2 comments on “Constant transit

  1. Franklin D. Ragsdale says:

    Please learn how to Post on the University of the United States of Africa as I have attempted to Show You …! Post in/ under Masthead of Our Map of Africa … Select one Space; Others will Comment …!

    • Hello Franklin – I’m really not sure what you want me to post in as you’ve not been clear in your requests. Are you asking that your site link for United States of Africa is linked in to our blogs for instance as in this case? Are you asking that persons comment or participate on your site?

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