Make believing in yourself an action

I went to alter the mobile ariel for the kitchen television the other evening as I was preparing dinner and seemed to make things worse.  The whole picture went from being interrupted to non-existent and a “No signal” message relayed.  Couldn’t think how or why this was.  Frustration piled up after spending 15mins trying to press every feasible button on the remote, but the message just would not budge.  I gave up this mission so that I could focus on finishing the preparations for dinner, promising to return to it sometime later.  

I attempted to use the external ariel connection from the lounge, but still the “No signal” message kept mocking me.   It was quite puzzling, the lounge TV worked just fine with the same external ariel! After repeating yet again the same “push every button” on the remote, I decided to call it a day and returned the TV back to its place in the kitchen in the hope that hubby could sort it out or if not, call in some specialist.  

All in all I kept kicking myself mentally for never having had the patience to read the manual that came with the TV – I never do. Always I leave this to hubby.  I resigned myself to being hopelessly useless when it came to such… Besides I couldn’t for the life of me even find where I’d stored the manual.

Upon returning from work the next day I looked at the TV, switched it back on in the hope that the cooling off period would have solved its issues with me. This proved futile. Kitchen TV was in no mood to play and told me succintly “No signal” – it just wasn’t feeling me. I again gave up, went about my dinner preparations and moved on with lounge TV for company. All the time though, wondering why or what could’ve brought this break-up between myself and kitchen TV. 

Feeling tired from a mentally exhausting day at the office, I retired early to get some sleep…and as you might have guessed, by half past midnight I was wide awake like a child on Christmas day morning.

Whilst I would’ve headed to my favorite tech addition, read via my Kindle, I opted instead to check out once more about returning as suggested by a Twitter friend. Only this time to check for troubleshooting ideas as to why kitchen TV was not speaking to me. But then an idea struck me before I could even tap in the model etc…

Step Right Up and Place Your Bets

Every day, moment by moment, we make choices. Some of those choices seem inconsequential. Most of us only feel the burden of choice when we are faced with one of those “big life decisions.”

Taking a new job, moving to a new city, starting a business, or having a child, just to name a few.

However, all the small seemingly insignificant choices sculpt our lives just as much as the big ones.

After all, how you do the small things is how you’ll do the big things.

Every day we make decisions, and each decision, whether big or small, is forcing us to bet either on ourselves or against ourselves.

You bet against yourself during those moments when:

  • You want to say “no” but end up saying “yes” instead (or vice versa).
  • You decide that you don’t really need to exercise today (you can always start tomorrow).
  • You decide to put off making a decision because you tell yourself you just need more information.

And when you bet against yourself, you will always lose.

No amount of betting against yourself is going to bring your dreams to life. No amount of downsizing your vision or playing small is ever going to lead to happiness.

In the end, you’ll always be left wondering “what if…” as you look back on a lifetime of regrets and unanswered callings.

On the other hand, when you bet on yourself, you’re taking a chance. You’re believing in what’s right about you. You’re believing in your potential. You’re believing in your dreams.

And when you bet on yourself, you give yourself the chance to win big.

Will you always win when you bet on yourself? Of course not. I wish I could say otherwise, but taking a risk is just that—a risk.

However, when you follow your heart and bet on yourself, you are opening yourself up to playing a bigger game. You’re allowing yourself to live in a world where you don’t have to constantly hedge your bets.

When you bet on yourself, you give yourself permission to chase after your dreams. You may not always catch them, but at least you can take off your boots at the end of the day, knowing you gave it your best.

Back to kitchen TV…

Perhaps the settings had changed from what they should have been – because on reflection of messages that flashed up in my momentary frustration of pressing all the buttons, I recalled something…I told myself that if  I could just get one of those messages back up again, I might be in with a chance of getting to have kitchen TV speak to me. And voila! Soon as I pressed the button, changed the setting – kitchen TV greeted me with Petula Clark singing some beautiful ballads.

I do have faith that with persistence my grey matter does respond appropriately sometimes.


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