Welcome to 2013!

Now that we have made it in to 2013, we can breathe a sigh of relief that the end of the world foretold for last month did not come to fruition. Well, I suppose that much depends on how crap your life was then, and is still set to be. For some reason entirely of my doing, my daughters especially the oldest were very disappointed to have woken up on the 21st of December realising they still had to do their chores. Mind you this feeling only lasted briefly for them. I blame it on these vampire diaries sagas. Why can’ t young people be excited about life and all the endless opportunities that suit young bodies and minds? Seems alcohol and drugs are the main viable outlets for inducing interest to live! In my days…oh Lord help me stop right there!

Anyhow, I just wanted to say hello via my new toy kindle to the forgotten art of blogging. Now that I have, let me welcome you all to the first day in 2013.

I want to head a lay patient health on-line group and have a few ideas in place. Only, I need to interact with persons whose first language is not English. I believe this will be quite an interesting challenge. Still, it might be a platform that would lead to something beneficial.

Until next time…

Happy New Year


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