Today has probably been one of the most challenging days so far in the run-up to the half-term school break. Having left the house early so that I can catch the early train to get me in to work before 8am, you can imagine my frustration when upon getting to the station, found that the weekend engineering works had spilt over to cause severe delays in service. Usually when one catches the very early trains before 7.30, they can just about beat the throng of humans flying in from all over the globe. Today it wasn’t to be but I’ve already given vent of my frustration on my daily verbatism which the likes of Twitter and Facebook wallow in, that I’m done regurgitating it on here.

Reason I was rushing to get in to work early was so that I could be able to live early should a repair appointment bear fruition from my daughter’s orthodontic. She had braces fitted on Saturday but unfortunately for her the fitting lasted for as long as the guy who did flirted with us while doing it. What amused me somewhat was his telling my daughter to keep her ipod playing yet expecting her to hear him commanding her to “open, bite, open” on the bits he kept inserting on the teeth. I don’t suppose he took into account that her ears needed to be free for interaction… And the dental assistant, well…Is it just me or has anyone noticed that dental nurses/assistant look like they are auditioning for a part on one of these medical dramas? I wasn’t keen on her hygiene standards though, as she kept changing the dial of the radio in between passing the necessary bits to put inside my daughter’s mouth.

The thing about arriving late to work as a result of delays on the road or trains is that you not only have your own anger with the transport system to deal with, but the smug knowing looks of those irritating early persons who somehow always manage to sleep at their desks and look at you walking in with hidden contempt. I can’t stand such persons – they do piss me off to no gain but you bite your tongue and effect a smile as you respond to their false greetings. At times, it’s too painful even to hear myself recite to such persons the trauma of my commute so I just accept I’m late and get stuck in to what needs done.

Lo behold, I was given an appointment for early afternoon which meant I’d have to return all the way back home mid afternoon. This coincided with the parents afternoon review for my other daughter. Fortunately, the orthodontics agreed to see her in my abscence to repair the brace. I just about made it to my other daughter’s school who in summation, needs to apply herself some more and curtail her socialising to make room for revision. Wateva!! This is a challenge I have to say where she is concerned!

With regards to the dental problem, apparently the wire had become loose and unstuck and sticking into her gums. She had survived on bonjela and painkillers for the greater part of the weekend I was getting concerned she would turn into an addict. The braces do make her look and talk weird… a blessing on some level though, she is a lot more silent. Ever since she hit 9, she has developed a mouth on her which bordered on oral warfare each time we clashed seeing as we are too similar. An annoying habit she truly has is one whereby you go to ask her to do something and she doesn’t then you find yourself in oral combat whereby she answers you with that irritating “wateva” closure. Sometimes, just sometimes, I have to get down on my knees and ask God to stop me from throttling her. I truly believe that’s why God grants us beautiful helpless infants – they are much harder to throttle as they bring out the nurturing instinct foremost. This being the case, teenagers are the reality akeen to marriage after the honeymoon period. Wateva…I have a full week coming up next week of half term now to enjoy parenting. Tomorrow though we have a photo shoot at work…I best get my beauty sleep in which case!


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