Well I guess it had to happen at some point…  Tying myself down to actually setting up a blog terminal as opposed to behaving like a cuckoo bird on various sites.  Here I am, 2 yrs after flirting with various sites and forums, making friends as well as enemies as I went in the cyber world.  Strangely enough, I’ve made more friends via the cyber world than I’d ever have got to meet with in real time.  Such is the pace and life we now lead…

Anyway, reason for why I’m now tapping away on here is partly down to a very good friend and associate – again one I met in cyberland.  She runs a social charity organisation and invited me along to become a resident blogger on the site.  Whilst I’m honoured to have had the invite, I’m also somewhat apprehensive I must say! In any case, as preliquisite for becoming a member to this site, I needed to have a website…where wordpress freebie came in to play.  I’d heard of it sometime a while back but I’m usually operating at snail pace when it comes to getting things done.  Beside, it’s much more easier to just gatecrash other people’s sites and leave snide comments that you don’t have an obligation to return back to or even cultivate.  Now there’s a word I’ve picked up from the gardening bug that’s taken ahold of me…cultivate!

Since I’m stealing time from my lunchbreak to write this, I’m going to keep this on pause for now… in the hope that (serious hope) that I return to finish off what I intended to say in my greetings to you. Oh bless – my mind is such these days I wonder how words even formulate.  Until later on… I have a conference up some place in the City that I’m supposed to be organising and it is peaking with the delegates beginning to fly in from all over.


One comment on “Greetings

  1. A fab start, looking forward to reading more. I have linked your blog to the Africa and hopefully that will drive more readers your way.

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